Furnus It is a fairly simple mod that allows us to make a new type of oven that we can improve by adding updates. Currently there are a total of seven updates or improvements that we can place in our oven to improve its characteristics and functionality. In addition to this, a mill is added that allows us to grind mineral resources.

These improvements are: speed improvement, more efficient coal consumption, addition of an additional cooking slot, “Bonus” which adds a probability of obtaining greater production of what we burn / cook “XP” which increases the amount of experience we get by removing what is baked/burnt from the “ECO” oven which maintains heat and saves fuel, and “IO” which adds material input and output to combine it with hoppers and create automated systems.

We will be able to place up to five improvements in the oven interface itself, so we will have to choose which of them we prefer. You can only place upgrades of one type, for example, only speed to greatly increase the burning/cooking speed, or combine several upgrades. according to our interests.