Field Crystals is a mod that allows us to create mini biomes anywhere in our world by creating and using crystals. There is a crystal for each type of biome, although at the moment we can only create 12 biomes. When you use a crystal from a biome, a mini island will appear which will be made up of a single biome. This mod does not allow you to create large biomes, although we can still place island after island to create the same larger biome.

These artificially created biomes will have the same characteristics as normal biomes, i.e. predefined creatures will appear and it will be the same as a normal biome, but smaller. These are the biomes that we can create: Taiga, Mesa, Covered Forest, Mushroom Island, Plains, Ice Plains Peaks, Savannah, Jungle, Desert, Swamp and also an End biome and a Nether biome.