Fex’s Random Stuff is a decoration mod, which allows us to create a good variety of decorative elements for our buildings, classified into different categories, such as building blocks, food, technology, materials, toys, robots and objects for the streets. These decorative objects are varied, and although the vast majority are objects for interior use, there are also decorative elements for the exterior, such as asphalt, lampposts, benches, fences and more.

Some examples of decorative objects we can create: analog clocks, desktop and laptop computers, printers, desks, office chairs, vending machines, new light blocks, building columns, refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines and toaster, among many other objects.

In addition, the mod adds a series of dyes that we can apply to any of the blocks or decorative objects that we create. Allowing us to change the color of any of the objects this mod adds, with a single click.