factory technology is a mod that adds a large number of machines designed to automate various game processes. Specifically, there are twenty-eight machines that we can manufacture and use with this mod installed, the objective of which is to create automated factories.

Giving a slight overview of the functionality of these machines, we can say that we will get machines capable of obtaining iron from rivers, transforming logs into wooden planks, grinding mineral resources to obtain mineral powder, melt solids and turn them into liquids, freeze liquids and turn them into solids, combination of potion effects, automatic systems to kill enemies, extraction of propane and sulfur from underground, several new types of furnaces , biosynthesis, a universal charger and even a Tesla coil, among others.

Although not all the mod adds are machines, it also adds new decorative blocks that will allow us to give an industrial touch to our buildings and factories. We can also create drills that will make holes in the ground and harvest the mineral resources they find.

To see what the mod offers and how the different elements it offers us work, the mod adds a guide, in English, called “Blueprint Collection”. We can craft it at the crafting table, by placing three units of lapis lazuli in the left column of the crafting table and filling the rest of the boxes with paper.