exotic birds is responsible for adding new types of birds to the game, in particular we will find up to twenty-nine species of birds. Even if we are curious to know them better, we can create an encyclopedia, called Book of Birds, which will give us real information about each of the birds, which this mod adds, which are based on real birds.

With this mod installed we can meet parrots, flamingos, boobies, magpies, phoenixes, seagulls, owls, ostriches, pelicans, pigeons, cardinals, cassowaries, ducks, herons , peacocks, toucans, penguins, swans, hummingbirds, kiwis, vultures and woodpeckers, among other species.

From all these new species of birds we can obtain various objects, although they will mainly allow us to obtain eggs. We can place these eggs in incubators, which will allow us to raise birds under our control. You can also fly with some of these birds, for example, on the phoenix.