Ether Legacy returns to bring us the characteristic dimension made up of floating islands, and known as Ether. This mod comes to bring us the contents of the first version of the Aether mod, which was long outdated. So if you enjoyed it then, now you can relive it again.

The content of this mod will be developed only in the new dimension, so we will have to access it. To do this we will have to create a portal, similar to that of the Nether but with glostone, that is, a 4×5 portal with blocks of glowstone. Once the portal structure is built, we can activate it with a bucket of water, instead of the lighter. Once created and activated by the portal, we can now browse it.

In this new dimension, which represents the counterpart of the Nether, we will find floating islands, with new decorative blocks, objects, minerals, new flora and fauna, as well as new bosses and dungeons.