Ether II is a mod that adds a large amount of content to the game, which will mainly be found in a new dimension, which is called Aether. This new dimension, which represents the opposite of the Nether, is located in the skies and presents us with a world filled with floating islands.

In the Ether Dimension we will find a large number of new decorative blocks, as well as new mineral resources, new creatures, new items, new weapons, armor and tools, new structures, NPCs, as well as new edible elements, since it’s a complete dimension, where you can do and find a lot of things.

To access the Ether dimension, we will only have to create a teleporter, called Aether Teleporter, which is made of stone and iron. This teleporter will take us to a large structure, which we will have to explore, until we find the portal to the Ether dimension.

This mod is in Alpha update phase, so it may still contain errors or bugs. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.