Eternal Abilities is a mod that will allow us to acquire and evolve a series of new skills for our Minecraft character. These skills that we acquire can be improved using the experience that our character accumulates. Let’s see how it works.

First of all, now animals and monsters in Minecraft will be able to spawn with some sort of cloud of particles on their heads. By killing one of these monsters we will get a “capacity totem”. This item will give us a new ability. By right-clicking on the totem we will access a menu that will allow us to acquire the skill for an experience cost.

To manage the skills we will have to create an object called “Ability Bottle” that will allow us to manage and evolve the skills. There are a total of 30 skills at the moment, and some allow us to fly in survival, increase in strength, increase in crop growth speed, resistance to fire, regeneration and reduction of hunger, among other abilities.