epic siege He is responsible for turning our world into real chaos, and without adding a single new creature, if necessary. This mod will take the survival mode to another level, because surviving with so many enemies and with such powerful creatures will be a real survival challenge.

From the start, we will not be able to use the bed to spend the night, it will only serve as a spawn point and Withers and Ghasts will appear on the surface of the world. Although this is not our biggest problem, as a lot more enemies will be spawned than normal, but these enemies will also be stronger, faster, tougher and have new and powerful abilities.

For example, the Creepers will be able to pass through the walls and when they explode they will emit fire, we will find sniper skeletons, the Endermans will have the same abilities that are attributed to Slenderman, and in addition the enemies will be able to dodge our attacks. So we can only wish you good luck in this epic adventure.