endertanks allows us to make reservoirs to store and dispense liquids, such as water, lava or other fluids added by other mods, such as oil, without the need to use pipes or any other type connection, since these reservoirs have the typical properties of Ender objects.

With these tanks we can go to a place where there is water or lava and place a tank to extract the liquid, while placing another tank in our house or wherever we need it. In this way we will have this liquid permanently in our house or wherever we need it, without having to make endless water or go every few minutes in search of lava, oil or any other liquid.

In addition to the EnderTanks, this mod allows us to create the EnderBucket, an Ender cube that we can link to any of the tanks, allowing us to pour the contents of an EnderTank without having it physically close to us. Tanks and cubes will even work between dimensions.