endertanks is a mod that allows us to create tanks capable of storing liquids inside, although its functionality is that it allows us to transport and dispose of the contents of a liquid tank anywhere in the world, even in other dimensions.

Let’s imagine that we need lava or water and we don’t have it, this mod will save us from long journeys. Another example, let’s imagine we have a mod that adds liquids like oil, this mod allows us to place an EnderTank at the extraction point and instead of placing lots of pipes at our base, we simply place an EnderTank at our base to access the liquid without having to physically transport it.

In addition, the mod adds an object called “Ender Bucket” (Ender cube) which, if we link it to an EnderTank, allows us to empty the contents of the Ender Tank from the bucket without having to continuously refill the bucket.

This mod is intended to work with technical mods, such as Buildcraft, Industrial Craft and Thermal Expansion (mods which are currently not available for version 1.8.9).