endertanks It offers us the possibility of creating liquid or fluid reservoirs where we can store water and lava or other fluids added by other mods, such as oil or petroleum, among others. These tanks will have the same properties as Ender chests, only for fluids instead of items. In other words, wherever we will have access to the contents of these reservoirs.

In addition to this, these tanks allow us to connect tanks, being able to place a tank for the extraction of liquids and fluids, and another for the evacuation of these liquids and fluids. In this way we can place an EnderTank in the Nether or somewhere where there is lava and the other EnderTank in our house, to always have this fluid.

Another option that this mod allows us is to create buckets or buckets that can be linked to an EnderTank. In this way we can throw the contents of the EnderTank without having the tank, using only the bucket or the bucket.