Enchantment Changer is a mod that adds a new enchantment system to the game, called Materia System. To give us an idea, in this material mod it is equivalent to an enchantment of the usual ones. To perform these new enchantments, just like in Minecraft Vanilla, we need the enchantment table, with this mod we will need the “EnchantChanger”.

There are several types of matter, for example magic matter, teleportation matter, absorption matter, white matter and dark matter, among others. These enchantments can be applied to new weapons, based on Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, such as the BusterSword, First Sword, Union Sword, Ma-sa-mu-ne Blade, and Ultimate Weapons, among others.

Although we cannot only create FF7 swords, we can create various functional objects, and even a structure, the Mako Reactor.