Earth offers us a new type of world in Minecraft, which consists of a geographical recreation of our planet Earth, on a scale of 1:95. This translates to a world with dimensions of 432,000 x 216,000 blocks.

As you will have understood, given the dimensions of this world, flying around the map could be somewhat overwhelming, so the mod adds a new command that will allow us to use the coordinates of any real place on our planet , to teleport to this same point, of this reconstitution of the planet Earth. Let’s see how to use this command.

To start, we need to search for coordinates, for example in Google Maps. Then in the game we will press the “T” key to write the following command “/tplatlong 59.3148591 18.0519974” and we will appear there. On the other hand, if we want to know where we are in the world, we can press the “K” key, which will open a graphical interface that will show the coordinates of where our character is, as well as the street address, and if it exists, an image of the place, via Google Streetview.

To take advantage of this new type of world, you have to go to the Minecraft world creation and selection menu, to select, in “Type of world”, the “Earth” option.