Earth is a mod that takes care of offering us a new type of predefined world that recreates our planet Earth in 1:95 scale, from real sources, to recreate the shape and dimensions of continents, islands, seas and oceans. This translates to a world with dimensions of 432,000 x 216,000 blocks.

Moving to a specific area may seem complicated since it is a very large world, however, and fortunately the mod adds a new command that will allow us to directly use any location using longitude and distance. altitude of any corner of our planet. To do this, we will open the command menu by pressing the “T” key in the game, to later write “/ tplatlong” and then the coordinates. This would be an example: “/tplatlong 0.54154 45.54254”.

If we want to do it the other way around, to know where we are in the world while we travel through the world recreated in Minecraft, we can press the “K” key to open a graphical interface that will show us the coordinates of the point where we are, as well as the street address (if available) and a Google Streetview image.

In order to create this new type of world that recreates the Earth in Minecraft, we must access the world creation and selection menu to select the world type “Earth” and create the world.