Dynamic lights It is responsible for modifying the lighting effects of most Minecraft objects that have the ability to light up their surroundings. Now the lighting for these blocks or objects will be dynamic, instead of the static lighting that these blocks and objects have by default.

We can observe the difference between static and dynamic lighting many times, but let’s give some examples. With static lighting, the illumination of a torch is constant and limited to a certain defined distance. With dynamic lighting, the ignition of a torch is “variable” simulating the movement of the flame caused by the wind. Although this effect, much more realistic, will affect the rest of the blocks and objects that emit light.

Another of the notable features that dynamic lighting offers us is that we can walk with a torch in hand, while illuminating our surroundings, which does not happen without the installation of this mod. Another peculiarity is that in the caves you can throw a torch into a hole with the “Q”, so that the torch continues to illuminate while falling, and even on the ground it will illuminate the environment.