device offers us the possibility of making a laptop in Minecraft, although it is not a purely static object to decorate a room in your house, but rather a functional object, where we can do things like write, play and draw, for example.

This laptop can be placed on any block in the game, and of course also on the tables and other decorative elements of the MrCrayfish’s Furniture mod (created by the modder himself). Once on a surface, one can press the right mouse button on the laptop to bring up the screen and start the computer.

At this point the laptop will allow us to change the background image of the desktop, create notes and task notes, play a mini-game, draw with a program similar to Paint and even create an email account. According to its author, its plans envisage in the future that applications can be downloaded for this computer.

This mod is in Alpha development stage, so it may still contain errors, bugs or not have all content fully functional. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.