DecoCraft is a decoration mod that adds a large number of decorative blocks and objects, which will allow us to decorate both the interior and exterior of our buildings with new decorative objects, whose mission is to give a little more “life” to buildings and allow builders and interior designers to play with their imagination and have more variety of objects to decorate.

There are many varied items that this mod adds, and while we can’t list them all, we will give a brief overview of some of them. El mod añade: relojes de pared, lámparas, mesas de comedor, sillas, mesitas de noche, platos y cubiertos, tazas, persianas para ventanas, camas, taburetes, escritorios, packetes de regalos, barriles, mobiliario de cocina, sillones, sofás, much more.

In addition, all these objects are classified according to the area of ​​the house where they are usually used or by theme, for example, furniture for bathrooms, for dining rooms, bedrooms, markets, offices, science, sports, cooking, lighting, party, and a long etc.