crowds of hell It is responsible for adding more difficulty to our games in Minecraft, adding new hostile creatures to the game, although they look almost the same as the predefined hostile creatures. That is, these creatures still look the same, but their bodies are resplendent, taking on a glow similar to that of an enchanted item.

These “new” creatures will have new, very powerful special abilities that will bring out the best in us during battle. These beings acquire an altered state called “Infernal”. Infernal creatures have great powers, and these are random, i.e. when an “infernal zombie” is spawned, it will have random altered states, different from another generated infernal zombie .

Not all hostile creatures in the game will have the infernal state, only a few, which are: zombies, creepers, endermans, spiders, and witches. And not always, that is, zombies, creepers, endermans, spiders and witches will continue to appear, without the hellish state.