crowds of hell It offers us the possibility that when a hostile mob is generated in Minecraft, this creature has an altered state called “Infernal”. These mobs will look like any other mob, but they will have altered states and be much more powerful and dangerous than a normal mob, gaining boss rank.

To differentiate an infernal mob from a normal mob, you have to look at its body, because infernal mobs glow, with that bluish glow characteristic of enchanted items. We can find Infernal Spiders, Infernal Zombies, Infernal Skeletons, Infernal Witches, Infernal Endermans, and even Infernal Creepers.

Each of these bosses, when spawned, acquires random status ailments, so it won’t be easy to encounter two identical bosses, at least in terms of status ailments. By defeating one of these bosses, the chances of obtaining an enchanted weapon are multiplied by four.