crowd blocker It is a mod that will only allow us to do two blocks, although they are very useful if we want to prevent any type of entity from entering a specific area. This will allow us to prevent entities from disturbing us, day or night.

These blocks, called Chunk Protector and Area Protector, will prevent any entity from entering their area of ​​action. Even the arrows fired by the skeletons or the potions thrown by the witches will not be able to cross the area of ​​​​action, so we will not be disturbed by anyone in the area protected by these blocks.

The Chunk Protector, as its name suggests, protects an area from one chunk, or 16 x 16 blocks. Its use is limited, that is, after a few days the block disappears, so we will have to make more than one. While the protection zone will not disappear, because it does not wear out, but its radius of action is smaller.