creature whisperer is a mod that adds mystical creatures to the game. At the moment this mod adds two creatures, the Ent and the Yeti. While the Yeti will have a hostile attitude towards our character, the Ent will ignore our presence unless we attack it. Both creatures can be tamed.

In the case of the Yeti, you will have to fight to tame it. After fighting one of them and taking a certain amount of damage, it will go into submissive mode. At that time, we will have about thirty seconds to tame them. If we don’t succeed, they will be hostile towards us again. During Submissive Mode, we will be able to tame these creatures using Hypno Cookies. We can also create armor for them.

Taming an Ent, which is much easier, although we will have to fight them to make them drop an Ent seed. If we plant and cultivate one of these seeds, there will come a time when they will lift off the ground and follow us. If we right-click on them, they will stay still.

This mod is in beta development stage, so it may still contain errors or bugs. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.