Crawling chickens is a mod that allows us to create a curious chicken variant, called the Chicken Creeper. This chicken variant, which takes on the colors of a Creeper, is able to lay bomb eggs, which explode on impact with any surface, although we can also decompose them on a crafting table to obtain gunpowder. Creeper chickens are a new variant of chicken, so we can raise them as always, but instead of giving them seeds, we will have to give them TNT.

To turn a normal chicken into a Creeper chicken, we will need a Creeper head, which is obtained by crushing a Creeper with a block that has gravity, like an anvil. Once we have the Creeper head, we assemble it on the crafting table with two units of seeds and we will get a Creeper Treat. With this object in hand, if we right click on a chicken, it will turn into a Creeper chicken.