Crafting Adjustments This is a mod that adds new functionality when using the crafting table, which we remember is one of the most used items in the game, as crafting items is transcendental in the game. With this mod we will increase the comfort of using this item by adding new features, also designed to save us time. The functionality of this mod will also apply to crafting tables added by other mods.

The mod adds buttons to the crafting table, which will allow us, among other things, to clean the crafting table of objects without having to remove each object individually, to balance the number of materials that are in all the boxes of craft table and rotate the contents clockwise.

If we are not convinced by pressing the buttons to activate these features, the mod offers us keyboard shortcuts to activate them. For example, the “B” key distributes and orders the contents of the crafting table, while the “C” key will be used to empty the crafting table of objects and the “R” key will rotate its contents.