cosmetic armor This allows us to equip our character with two armors at the same time, although it will not double the character’s defense level, but rather it will serve us for two other things.

First of all, it’s useful if we just want to have a specific aspect of the armor, while underneath we have our real armor, with its real defense. The second thing this mod allows us to do is make other players think we have one armor, when in fact we have another. For example, we have diamond armor, but we use a second leather armor to confuse other players into thinking we are weaker than we really are, or vice versa.

The defensive armor is placed in the same place as always, while we can equip the decorative armor by clicking on a button with the icon of a chest, which appears under the image of our character, in the inventory of the personage. When we click on this button, four more boxes will appear to put the decorative armor.