cosmetic armor It stopped being updated some time ago by its creator, but thanks to the efforts of the community, we can enjoy its cool features again.

The mod allows us to have base armor, while we use another as design, that is, we can have enchanted diamond armor equipped, while we can place leather armor like aesthetic armor, as well as our friends or the rest of Your server will think that we are wearing leather armor, when in reality we are wearing enchanted diamond armor. Although we can’t put on cosmetic armor either and it will look like we’re even going without armor.

The defense armor will always be in the same place, but to put or remove pieces of the cosmetic armor we must open our character’s inventory and where the skin appears, an icon appears just in the lower right area of our breastplate-like skin. If we click, another row of four boxes will appear to place aesthetic armor. Take a look at the video if you have any doubts.