Compact machines It is a technological type mod, which will allow us a simple and useful way to save space and separate systems and machines from the rest of the world, literally. With this mod installed we can create parts or parts contained in a block. That is, to create a block that takes us to a sealed room or room, isolated from the rest of the world. This is very useful for crafting or storing items out of sight of other players, as these rooms and rooms represent new dimensions.

With the mod we can create up to six types of machines or blocks containing parts or coins. The sizes of each, in order from smallest to largest, are 3x3x3, 5x5x5, 7x7x7x, 9x9x9, 11x11x11, and 13x13x13. All of these rooms will have connectors where we can introduce and extract materials, fluids or energy through pipes. So we can, for example, have generators in the normal world, which power a room where we have a system of machines.

Although it’s not as simple as creating a machine that grants access to a room and starting to build things in it. Before, we will have to build things outside, convert them to miniature, and then place them inside the part or room created by each machine. In fact, we will even have to create the coins in the normal world and later convert them to miniature, that is, to a block or machine that gives access to this coin.