Combine Tools is a mod that offers us the possibility of merging two tools, of any material, to unify their functionality and thus avoid us having to fill the inventory, or the quick access bar, with tools, and therefore, gain in transport space and in comfort of use of these tools.

With this mod installed we will be able to create three new combined tools, which are, a pickaxe or an ax, an ax shovel or a shovel pickaxe. This way we will have two features in one tool. Moreover, we can make these combinations with tools of any material, be it wood, stone, iron, gold or diamond.

To craft one of these tools with two built-in functions, we will first need to obtain Tool Essence, except for crafting the wooden and stone tools. To get Tool Essence we will have to burn wooden tools in a furnace. Additionally, these tools can be enchanted like any other tool.