clone country It is a mod that will only allow us to create a new object, a magic wand. This wand will allow us neither more nor less than to teleport us to a cloned dimension of the Overworld. Although in this new dimension there will be none of the constructs that we have created, i.e. it will be the same dimension but created from nothing. We will be able to perform these dimension changes in the Overworld, as we see in the image above, and in the Nether, as we see in the image below.

This feature will not be free, far from it. To craft the wand, we will need two emerald cubes, two gold cubes, and one diamond cube. Each wand offers us a total of 150 uses, so once the wand runs out we will have to craft a new one. The uses are multiple, one could create bases in both dimensions, collect resources in both dimensions, escape from a dimension when in danger, etc.