Classic fight is a mod that will allow us to take advantage of the old Minecraft combat system, which was modified in version 1.9 of the game. Before the update, attacking opponents did not require any effort from the attacker in- beyond continuously pressing the attack button. All hits had the same damage value.

As you may know, currently clicking the attack button continuously is not at all effective for attacking any entity in the game, as weapons and tools now have a “dwell time”. recharge” which makes us wait a while before coming back to attack. with our weapon. This makes it necessary to have some control over the timing of the attack in order to land more damaging blows.

Well, with this mod, the “cooldown” of weapons and tools is eliminated, making the attack system the same as before the battle system update, which caused so much controversy. That is, we will be able to click the attack button again without rest.