chest carrier allows us to make a tool that will allow us to load a chest with all the contents inside and transport it to any other place, without having to empty all the contents of the chest and without having to make many trips , since not all the contents of a chest usually fit into our character’s inventory.

There are four versions of this tool, the wooden one, the iron one, the gold one and the diamond one. What differentiates a tool from the others, besides the material with which they are made, is that some allow only one use, for example the wooden one, while the iron one allows 9 uses, the gold one 19, and the diamond one. 79 uses.

Although this new feature is practical, to compensate, when we carry a full chest our character will suffer the effects of fatigue, hunger, slowness, and we will not be able to jump. This mod is compatible with IronChests, Storage Drawers and Compact Storage.