chest carrier It is a very simple mod, but really useful when moving houses in Minecraft, since it allows us to transport the chests without having to empty all their contents, in addition to the fact that with a trip we can take a chest full.

Without this mod, we would have had to create the new chest in the new location, empty the chest, and make the necessary moves to transport the items. With this mod we will be able to load the chest full, without emptying it, although it will not be as easy as it seems, since loading a chest full of objects will prevent us from jumping and we will suffer the effect of fatigue , hunger and sluggishness.

We will be able to create various chest carriers, in wood, iron, gold and diamond. The difference between them is the number of uses we can give the carrier. The wooden one can only be used once, while the iron one can be used 9 times, the gold one 19 times, and the diamond one 79 times.