chest carrier He offers us a unique object, a transporter of full chests. This object will allow us to take a chest full of objects and move it to the place we want without having to empty the contents of the chest, place a new chest in the right place and fill it with the objects of the previous chest. With this object we take the chest and place it where we want.

This tool, like the rest of the tools and weapons, can be made from various materials. In this case wood, iron, gold and diamond. Depending on the material used, the tool will be more or less resistant. These are the times when we can use the tool depending on the material used: wood, with single use, iron, with 9 uses, gold, with 19 uses and diamond, which will allow us to use the tool 79 times.

Since this is a bit of a “cheated” feature, the mod author wanted to balance this advantage by adding some negatives. While we are carrying a chest, we will not be able to jump and we will suffer the effects of slowness, hunger and fatigue.