chain book is responsible for adding only two items to the game, a book and book pages. With these two simple objects we will be able to register points that interest us, to which we can move with a single click.

The first thing we need to do is create the “Warp Book”, then an empty book page, called “Unbound Warp Page”. Once we have these two objects, we can start marking the points of interest. To do this, we’ll place the empty workbook sheet in our character’s hand and “right-click” to save that location to the workbook sheet. If we want, we can also cancel this point that we have just created, pressing again with the leaf in hand, “Shift + right mouse click”.

Once we’ve marked a point of interest on a book page, we just need to place the page inside the book. To do this, we will place the book in our hand and press “Shift + right mouse click”, which will allow us to open an interface and place the sheet on which we have marked the point of interest, inside the book.

Now that we already have several points of interest saved in our book, we just need to open the book and select one of the saved points so that we can instantly move to that location.