Cave it’s a mod that recently had a name change, so you might know it as Caveworld. This mod is responsible for adding three new dimensions to the game. All these new dimensions are caves or caverns where we will find new minerals, to create objects and new decorative blocks, among others.

The mod also adds a system that calculates the blocks that we have chopped, giving us extraction points, which will give us certain advantages when extracting, such as faster extraction in water, among other advantages.

The three portals that allow access to the new dimensions are made with a mossy stone frame, instead of obsidian, and instead of using a lighter, we will use an emerald, to create the portal to the “Cavern” dimension , we can also use Aquamarine to create the portal to the “Aqua Cavern” dimension, or a sapling (tree seed) to create the portal to the “Caveland” dimension.