Cave is a mod that offers us the possibility of traveling in six new dimensions, three more than in its previous version, all of them made up of huge caves and galleries. That is to say, all these dimensions are and will be underground, the outside world does not exist in these dimensions, everything is a huge cave.

These cave dimensions will contain new mineral resources to explore and mine, allowing you to craft new weapons, armor, and tools, as well as new items and decorative blocks. In addition to this, the mod adds a system that will give us points based on the number of blocks we choose. With these points we can obtain special abilities such as cutting faster, among others.

Each of these six new dimensions requires the same type of portal. The portal frame is the same as the Nether, but with Obsidian replaced by Mossy Stone. To illuminate the portal instead of using the lighter, we can use saplings, aquamarine, emerald, compact ice or the “Miner’s Thought Orb”. Depending on what we use to activate the portal, the portal to one dimension or another will be created.