Cartographer 2 is a mod that allows us to have a configurable mini map that will show us all the terrain of the world that we have previously explored. This map has several configuration options that allow us to show or hide the information we want to display on the map.

If we press the “M” key, we will access the full screen map, in which we can zoom with the mouse wheel and move vertically and horizontally using the arrow keys on our keyboard.

In the full screen map view, in the upper left area of ​​the screen we will see various options, mod help, menu of map and minimap customization options, as well as the ability to select the map for the dimension in which the map is displayed, which we come across. Finally we have the point of interest groups section, where we can hide or show the groups of points of interest that we have marked on the map and that we have collected in a specific group.