Cannibalism It offers us a way to avoid starving to death when we have no food, adding the concept of cannibalism to the game. Yes, if necessary, you can still eat yourself, in Minecraft of course. This will allow us to get out of more of a rush due to lack of food.

With this mod we can make several types of knives, depending on the materials we use. With these knives we can take a piece of meat from our character, in the same way that we can use these knives to obtain the meat of other creatures in the game. With these knives, in addition, we can obtain more meat than if we used the sword, because with a knife we ​​can get meat without killing the entity.

The operation is different from any other weapon in the game. To use the knives we will have to press “Shift + right mouse button”. We can get meat from cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, but also from zombies, witches, villagers and even other players with whom we share our game.