bull’s-eye is a mod that will allow us to create and use new types of arrows for our bows. This variety of arrows will greatly increase the chances of attacking with our bows, since some of these arrows will be very useful in battles against enemies, while others will allow us special functions. Let’s see them.

The mod allows us to create a total of ten arrows, six of them will serve us for attack, while the other four will provide us with other functions. As for attack, we have Diamond, Prismarine, Lightning, Bomb, Ice, and Fire arrows.

In the rest of the arrows we find those of training which do not cause damage and are only used to practice archery, the arrows with dye which allow to dye the sheep quickly and from a distance, the arrows with eggs which will make the chicks appear, and those of the water bottles which will be used to transform the lava into obsidian, etc.