Builder’s guides is a mod that adds several new blocks that we can use as guides to create large constructions with as few errors as possible and without having to count the spaces between the blocks to adjust the constructions or create symmetrical areas, among other options , doubts and situations that arise when creating large buildings.

Block-by-block building isn’t a fast type of building, but it can be very rewarding, although it can also be a little frustrating at times, especially when things don’t add up the way they should. Then you have to start counting how many blocks there are on one side and on the other, to avoid these and other similar situations, there is this mod.

With this mod installed we will be able to find the center between two points without complicating our lives, mark construction corners, delimit construction areas, mark important points, use color guides to differentiate construction elements, as well as mark where the walls go, and much more. Take a look at the video to see the options offered by the mod and how they apply to our builds.

This mod is in Alpha update phase, so it may still contain errors or bugs. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.