Brad16840 Backpacks This allows us to make different types of backpacks, which we can use as if it were an extension of our own inventory, since we can put things in the backpacks and carry the backpack in our inventory. These backpacks can be colored and named to differentiate from each other. Although the backpacks in this mod offer us much more than that.

These backpacks have their own crafting interface, so we can craft items inside the backpack, without the need for a crafting table. Another function of some of these backpacks is that they allow us to send their contents directly to an oven. We can also create a backpack that can only be opened by its owner and even share backpacks and their contents with certain players.

It is true that in the current version of the game we can use the Shulker Box as a backpack, but until we get it we can use these backpacks. Additionally, these backpacks add various features that the Shulker Box does not have.