botanical adds a new concept to the natural elements of the game, as from now on trees and plants will be used for more than just obtaining food or resources. With this mod we will be able to combine technology and magic to be able to extract and use the mana of these natural elements for various purposes.

The mod, in addition to machines and new objects, also adds new types of plants to world generation, which will help us to create many objects that this mod adds. This is a fairly comprehensive mod, so it is recommended to write the mod guide (in English), called “Lexica Botania”. To create it, we will join a book and a bush on the crafting table.

Despite the fact that the original project was abandoned by its author, thanks to the community we can again enjoy this mod for the current version of Minecraft.

This mod is in beta update phase, so it may still contain errors, bugs or not have all of its features active. We will publish their respective updates in this same article.