Book XP is a mod that will allow us to store the experience that our character accumulates during his adventures in a book. In this mod we can avoid losing our experience points when our character dies, since they will be stored in a book. Although we will have to remember to pass on our experience to the book to keep it safe in case of death.

The process of making the book is as simple as making a normal book, surrounded by ender beads (we can see an example in the image below). To store the experience inside the book, we must place the book in the character’s hand and press “Shift + right mouse click”. While to extract the accumulated experience inside the book we will place the book in the character’s hand and press the right mouse button.

Each book can store a maximum of 1,500 experience orbs or 30 experience points. So from this amount we will have to use another book to save the rest of the experience we have.