biome painting tools This only allows us to create an object, in the shape of a pencil, which will allow us to literally paint biomes anywhere in the world, although we must first physically travel to the original biome, copy it and then stick anywhere we want.

To copy and paste a biome we will place the pencil in our hand. We will go to the biome we want, for example the Nether, and with the pencil in hand we press “Shift + right click” on the mouse, to copy the biome. Now we go to our surface house and paint on the floor with the pencil. In this way, we will literally paint the ground, changing the biome of the place. Nether enemies could now spawn at this point.

This can be useful to us, in addition to simply changing the biome, to generate specific enemies that only appear in certain biomes or dimensions, in our Overworld mob traps, for example.