biome painting tools It is a mod, quite simple to use, that will allow us to change the biome of any place to another biome that we want. To do this, the mod adds a unique object to the game, in the form of a pencil. This object will allow us to select a biome and “paste” it where we want.

Let’s take an example, if we want Pigman or Enderman zombies to appear right next to our house, or wherever we want, we can go to the Nether or the End, select the biome and “paste” it next to our house or wherever we want. This way we can easily have Enderman trusses.

The operation of this pencil is simple. After crafting it, we will place it in our character’s hand and direct it to any block on the ground. If we press “Shift + right click” on the mouse, the pencil will memorize the biome where this block is located. Now if we go to any other place and with the pencil in hand we press the right mouse button, we will “paint” the ground, thus changing the biome of this place.