Binocular is a mod that will allow us to create a new object, a binocular or prismatic. These binoculars will allow us a large number of functions, so if you thought that they were simply used to zoom in and see better over long distances, there too you were wrong.

These binoculars or binoculars will of course allow us to zoom in, but in addition to that, the own interface of the binoculars will show us a lot of information, such as our coordinates, the coordinates of the point where we are looking, the type of material we see , the type of animal and its health and the distance between the two points and the direction, among other things. The binoculars have night vision, so they can be used at night.

But not only, these binoculars will allow us to save points of interest. These points can be named by us and will display their coordinates. With just one click we can teleport to any of the previously saved points.