Better recordings is a mod that will allow us to download and listen to our favorite songs through the Internet, using the predefined music discs in Minecraft, such as discs to record the songs and play them on a turntable. Although you can also just listen to the radio. And all of our Minecraft worlds.

The mod adds various disc formats that we can create. Depending on the type of disc, we can record one or more songs, making our own “single”. We can also create speakers and a turntable to play songs or singles. In addition to that, the mod adds colored lights to simulate a disco, wiring to connect the stereo.

Record discs in Minecraft with this mod, it’s as simple as placing the blank (empty) disc in the recorder, giving it a title and the url where it should record. The mod allows you to record and play .mp3 and .ogg formats, although its author recommends using .ogg format to play music in this mod.