Best Builder Wands is a mod designed for builders of large structures in Minecraft. The mod adds four classes of wands to the game, which will roughly allow us to replicate building models or individual blocks. In other words, instead of making a roll of 50 stone blocks, this mod allows us to replicate one or more blocks, to be able to place several blocks with a single click, instead of 50 clicks to place 50 stone blocks .

The four wands available are: the stone wand, which allows us to replicate 5 blocks and has 130 blocks of use. The Iron Wand, which replicates 9 blocks and has a lifespan of 250 blocks. The Diamond Wand, which replicates 1562 blocks and has a useful life of 1562 blocks. And finally, the builder’s wand which has completely unlimited usage parameters and functionality.

All of these wands can replicate blocks, both horizontally and vertically, except for the stone wand, which only replicates in a horizontal position. To select the replication mode we must press the “M” key, which will allow us to change the direction in which we want to replicate any block or shape.