Bed Crafts and Beyond allows us to create many types and colors of beds in Minecraft, through more than 3000 possible combinations. Yes, you read that right, over 3,000 possible combinations to create beds in different colors.

This personalization is based on several aspects. The first is that we can change the color of sheets and pillows, doing the same tinkering as always to create a bed, only now, instead of white wool, we can use any of the 16 dyes to obtain color. white wool. any color for the sheets and for the pillows. Depending also on the type of wood that we use in the manufacture, we will obtain the structure of the same color tone as the wood that we used in the manufacture.

In addition to this, the mod allows us to make two new types of beds, stone slab beds and beds with a chest included. The latter allows us to store things in a chest that we can only open with a key that the mod adds.