animania is a mod that improves the appearance and behavior of animals in Minecraft. Although it also adds new animals, kinds of animals, new breeds and species. Existing and new animals will have new modeling, new textures and new animations. It also changes the process of raising and growing animals to make these processes more realistic.

It is a very complete mod, since we are not only talking about improving the appearance and varieties of animals, but also the artificial intelligence of these animals has improved, adding concepts such as happiness of our animals, but also fear, which makes them need a constant flow of water and food, that certain types of pigs (or other species) are only generated in specific biomes, between other functions.

In addition to the animal variants that exist in the game, we will find ferrets, hamsters and peacocks, among others. Also new items such as feeders and troughs for animals, new types of meat, new recipes and much more, with a visually appealing design.